We can help reduce the risk in your business.

One of the most effective ways of minimizing risk is to outsource aspects of your operation not central to your business – leaving you free to concentrate on your core activities.

Our resources, skills and infrastructure give your business the agility to change direction, to scale-up to meet peaks in demand, to deploy new technology – more easily, more quickly and more cost-effectively than you could do it for yourself. And our extensive experience in this field means that we know the ropes and can integrate with your operation with the minimum of fuss.

Many clients have taken advantage of our services on high profile, sensitive and high security projects as well as those dealing with complex change management.

When you enter into a long-term contract with us, you can free up resources to innovate and improve. You gain flexibility. You don’t have to worry about meeting changes in IT, we deal with all that – while you focus on your business.

How we manage risk

we use a formal risk management framework. The framework is not a bolt-on – it’s deeply embedded in our development processes, mirroring the approach we take to all aspects of our service.

The framework takes an end-to-end, whole systems view and ensures that all potential sources of risk and impact on business outcomes are identified and dealt with. It takes account of the impact of a service on all stakeholders, as well as considering all security, process, technical, physical, people and partnering aspects.

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