Our Strategy

  • Supporting our existing customers to deliver on their commitments so that they can win more business
  • Leverage technology solutions in order to drive business efficiency for our customers and ourselves.
  • Investing in our people’s development and attracting more capable people to join the team
  • Develop our offerings into further contracts in the Saudi Market and beyond to support Vision 2030

Our Vision


To be the premier provider of information Management and Technology Services to our partners in the Defense, Aerospace and National Security sectors in the Region.

Our Mission


To provide advantage to our customers through IT and Infrastructure solutions.

Supporting Vision 2030

A step towards achieving Vision 2030,which is based on innovation in advanced technologies is to continue raising the capabilities to continue raising the capabilities of our young Saudi youth.

We work with local partners to develop and support the cyber security and information advantage capabilities that fuel economic growth,increase defence sovereignty and safeguard commercial interests.

We support the transfer of knowledge and technology to provide equal opportunities that:

  • Help guarantee the skills of Saudi youth are developed and deployed
  • Help develop the talents and invest in the productive capabilities of Saudi females